Criminon U.K.

Criminon UK has been providing distance-learning courses to offenders and ex-offenders for over 15 years and support over 1300 offenders across 60% of the prisons in England and Wales. The funding from The James Beattie Charitable Trust will enable us to help more offenders in Wolverhampton to better their lives:

“Since completing the course with Criminon I have become more confident about my own abilities. I have taken on tasks that I would not have even considered in the past. I have applied for a new job and I have taken on single-handedly the task of running the guitar learner group. I have also noticed that my attitude towards others has changed. I now consider the feelings of others before acting, far more than I did in the past. I feel happier with whom I am and others have begun to give me greater respect.”


HMP Oakwood (Restoring Self-Respect)

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