Kingswood Trust

We are so excited to receive a generous donation from The James Beattie Trust to support ’Woodland Forester’. This new outdoor leaning project will begin in January 2019 and is aimed at connecting disadvantaged children to nature, improving  their health and wellbeing. Wolverhampton City based children will have six days, in the countryside, experiencing the fun of the great outdoors, learning about a range of habitats, investigating our nine acres of woodland and engaging in conservation activities. They will gain new skills and grow in confidence through this practical six week programme. Kingswood Trust is a charity that sits 6 miles outside the City of Wolverhampton and has a great reputation for delivering environmental learning days, residential stays, projects and training. It is a fabulous venue for people of all ages. Kingswood Trust holds the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge’, demonstrating that children and visitors of all ages are looked after well, with the highest levels of safety and educational opportunities. We look forward to sharing the positive impact that this grant has made in the coming year. Thank you for these much needed funds.”

Rachel Wells. Charity Manager.

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